HS Code Database

Efficient---- making out 10 bills of document within 7 minutes 0 mistake—connect to CUSTOMS and CIQ system and all date were automatically transmitted.

Customized Cloud Database for Zhongzhou’s Customer

For auto parts of item is various, each kind of vehicle could involve about 4000 - 5000 entries, and entries of one container may be involved in the high of 200-300 or so. Customized cloud database can save a large quantity of work and improve accuracy sharply about bill document.

  • STEP 1

    Pre-classification is applied to import goods supplied by our customer.

  • STEP 2

    Logging data with full product information including customs declaration factor

  • STEP3

    Select the products to be declared and create declaration form accordingly.

  • STEP 4

    Transmit the data of declaration form to EDI system

The Core Advantage of ZHONGZHOU Cloud Data System

Efficient : making out 10 bills of document within 7 minutes Automatic      Accuracy: no operation mistake

Bill Document by Stuff  vs  Database

for example: 300 kinds of auto parts
Past traditional mode
Cloud database system.
16-24 working hours
2 working hours
sometimes, the document would have mistake about country of origin, specifications and so on.
great precision
sometimes, the document would be rejected due to conflicting with the latest requirement of customs
fully matched
Sometimes, there would be error of omission.
fully matched